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Hair Restoration

Hair Restoration services offered in Bellaire, TX

Hair restoration enhances your natural hair growth by repairing the inactive follicles causing your bald spot. At Glow Maven Health in Houston, Texas, Adaku Iwu, FNP-BC, uses hair restoration procedures to treat hair loss from androgenetic alopecia, which is genetic. Call Glow Maven Med Spa or book an appointment online to learn more about the treatment today.

What is hair restoration?


Hair restoration is a procedure that revives dormant follicles in your scalp to restore hair growth. Unlike other solutions for hair loss, hair restoration has the potential to help you continue growing your natural hair instead of replacing it with a wig or hairpiece. You also don’t need to go through follicular transplantation or any other surgery.  


You may need multiple rounds of injections to see ideal results from hair restoration.


Who can benefit from hair restoration?


At Glow Maven Health, your provider primarily uses hair restoration to treat hair loss linked to androgenetic alopecia. You might be more familiar with its common nicknames, male- or female-pattern baldness. 


Androgenetic alopecia happens naturally over time because of your genetics. If you have family members who have lost their hair, it increases your chances of experiencing hair loss. Men tend to experience a distinct bald spot at the crown or a receding hairline, while women tend to experience all-over hair thinning. 


Your provider goes over your medical history and determines the cause of your hair loss. After a thorough consultation, she tells you whether or not PRP hair restoration is beneficial for you. 


How long does it take to see results from hair restoration?


The number of initial hair restoration sessions you’ll need depends on your provider's findings during your consultation. Typically, it takes about 6-12* months from the initial treatment to see any hair growth. 


He or she might suggest using specific products at home, taking medication, or engaging in other treatments to improve your results. She may recommend:

  • Hair growth shampoos
  • Prescription oral medications
  • Prescription products for your scalp
  • Follow-up scalp injections

Because injections are not a full-on cure for hair loss, most people require regular follow-ups to maintain the health of their newly revived follicles. The treatment is most effective for those early on in their hair loss because the follicles have not been dormant for very long. 


Learn more about the hair restoration process by scheduling an appointment over the phone or online at Glow Maven Health today.


*Individual results may vary